4th LACSC Abstract Submission Form

Welcome to the LACSC 2022 Quito webpage for abstract submissions. Please fill in the requested fields. Once information about first author is filled, you may follow with co-author's information. Only one institution per author is allowed. Please use small letters for the title with capital initials for words with four or more letters. Length of abstract text is up to 500 words.

Please review your submitted information. Should you require any changes, send an email to lacsc2022quito@igepn.edu.ec with LACSC 2022 Quito - Abstract Edit on the subject and the registration code sent to your email after completing the submission process.

Limited Travel Grants for students and young researchers will be available, you can apply for them with this form and email it to lacsc2022quito@igepn.edu.ec, with LACSC 2022 Quito - Travel Grant on the subject, by 11-JULY-2022. Applicants must have submitted an Abstract to be eligible for the grant.

Oral presentation slots are limited. Session conveners will do their best to honor oral presentation requests, but please know that some may not be granted.